Success is giving your customer peace of mind

Identification Number Grouped Documentation

RINGDOC traceability system is private for members & their customers only

Mission & Value

RINGDOC is A Traceability System giving the customer peace of mind with full transparency of the Supply Chain elements. 





All materials, processes and factories to manufacture the products distributed by our members are Registered, Identified, Numbered, Grouped & Documented (R.I.N.G.Doc)




Educate & Audit all concerned staffs of our members’ organizations and all upstream suppliers the focus on the ulitimate consumers with proper identifications of materials & documentations of all manufacturing processes. 


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How We work

We are independent from the suppliers of the products recorded. The records provided are input by the members and we are not responsible for the details or accuracy of the data. The demand & supply partners are responsible for the details & accuracy of the data based on their partnership agreements.

We only provide traceability record keeping format, storage & retrieval service to achieve supply chain transparency.


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